This Dwayne Johnson Movie Dominated Streaming Charts In 2023

This Dwayne Johnson Movie Dominated Streaming Charts In 2023 2

«Moana» stands out as one of Disney’s most notable projects from the 2010s and a highlight for Dwayne Johnson. The film was nominated for two Oscars, including best animated film, though it would end up losing the award to Disney’s own «Zootopia.» Despite that loss, one could argue that «Moana» is far more culturally relevant than «Zootopia,» as the musical flick continues to dominate on streaming nearly a decade after its release. 

What makes «Moana» stand out in the current streaming landscape? Probably its catchy musical numbers, which were written in part by Tony sensation Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Johnson-voiced film features now-beloved tracks, like «How Far I’ll Go,» which was nominated for best original song, and the extremely, almost obsessively catchy «You’re Welcome,» which has a whopping 1.6 billion views on Disney’s official YouTube Vevo channel. 

Save for Rian Johnson’s «Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,» nine out of the 10 most-streamed films of 2023 are kid-friendly fare. That isn’t surprising when one considers how popular, convenient, and cost-effective an option streaming is for parents who want to occupy their children. Nielsen says that streaming viewership in 2023 was up by 21% compared to 2022, signaling a major pivot in how Americans consume film and television. And for the House of Mouse, the success of «Moana» after all these years is a boon. Disney has recently faced some hefty losses in the form of «The Marvels» and «Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,» which is probably why it’s so adamant about turning «Moana» into a large, company-defining franchise.

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