TikTok star Sabrina Duran Montero was shot seven times and confirmed dead in Chile

TikTok star Sabrina Duran Montero was shot seven times and confirmed dead in Chile 2

TikTok star Sabrina Durán Montero, who is also nicknamed ‘Ina,’ was shot seven times and confirmed dead in Chile.

On October 25, social media users were quick to express their sadness after the news of Sabrina, who is nicknamed Ina, death surfaced online.

Sabrina Duran Montero was shot seven times

As per reports, Sabrina was reportedly approached by a group of people while she was at the intersection of Alberto Blest Ganna and Primera Transversal, Chile.

They allegedly took her car and attacked her by shooting her seven times. The officers were quick to arrive at the scene and Sabrina was transferred to Sapu Santa Rosa hospital. She was pronounced dead shortly after.

The tragic incident took place a month after Sabrina was released from prison as she was serving a sentence for drug trafficking.

What we know about the TikTok star

Sabrina got her nickname ‘Ina’ as it was a short form for ‘narcoreina.’ The TikTok star worked as a drug trafficker in her region and was arrested in March 2022 alongside her brothers for running a drug business.

However, her social media personality was completely different. With over 444k followers, Sabrina constantly posted on the platform.

Most of her content was dance videos or a clip of her doing nails or makeup. She also had a good reach on the platform with many of her videos getting millions of views. The last video that Sabrina had posted was a day before her death. In it, the TikTok personality was seen showing some makeup products while wearing a black top and jeans with accessories.

Picture from the shooting go viral

A picture from the shooting has been going viral on social media and we urge users to report it as it could be distressing to many. You can report the image by following one of the options below:

If you wish to do it on Twitter, follow the steps below:

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  5. Click submit

To report on Instagram, follow these steps:

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To report on TikTok, follow the steps below:

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