‘UFO’ followed by jet plane in Sacramento is a ‘bad CGI’, argue TikTok users


If you thought the viral video of an alleged ‘UFO’ being chased by a jet plane in Sacramento, California, is an unexplainable aerial phenomenon the government is hiding from you, TikTok users have refuted it as just some “bad CGI”.

Reports about unconfirmed UFOs and claims that they carry “aliens” have become very common in dialogues on social media and most of the so-called evidence is also found or presented unofficially on the Internet. Even though some sightings such as the famous Tic-Tac and cigar-shaped UFOs are highly convincing, TikTok alleging an object over Sacramento is being met with skepticism.

Side by side screenshots of TikTok showing 'UFO' flying over Mount Hamilton
@positivepunchline | TikTok

‘UFO’ in Sacramento video surfaces on TikTok

The video alleging UFOs flying over California on TikTok has been viewed more than 2.5 million times, as it continues to draw attention.

The viral clip shows jet planes closely following a disc-shaped flying object allegedly filmed in Sacramento. No other details regarding the video such as its origin or the exact time when it was caught on camera have been shared.

Not only does the video look too good to be true, but other TikTok users have claimed that the same was allegedly filmed in different regions of the United States, which makes it harder to believe the visuals are real.

There is no official record or report to prove that an unidentified object flew over Sacramento. As captivating as it appears, amid the rising fear of alien invasion and the misconception that the U.S. government confirmed they are real, wild claims are easier to believe.

Users argue the UAP can’t be real

People have had enough of hearsay about extraterrestrials, so they weren’t keen on seeing another video which according to one user is how a typical spacecraft belonging to non-human beings is depicted in cartoons and movies.

When one asked “what is happening?” after watching the alleged UFO video, another responded: “Bad CGI is what is happening.”

Another comment read: “I don’t believe nothing till one land and something walks out that we ain’t seen before lol.”

“Looks like someone’s drone with a plastic plane behind it,” wrote another user.

Fear of ‘aliens’ is taking over social media

Some humans are convinced “aliens” are going to invade Earth in the near future, especially after former CIA officer John Ramirez’s warning about an impending event in 2027.

But, there are also many baseless rumors and morphed videos alleging extraterrestrial activities. Check out more fascinating stories about UFOs and aliens:

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