Video of UCADA official’s fatal helicopter accident is nowhere to be found


While it is true that an official of the UCADA (Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority) was involved in a helicopter accident, the video showing the same can’t be found on the Internet.

The freak accident occurred in April 2023 in Kedarnath, India, and months later, a few outlets have claimed that the actual video showing the tragedy is available to watch online. That, however, is not true.

Helicopter landed on island.
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Video of UCADA official’s helicopter accident is not on the Internet

Warning: The below article contains graphic details about a fatal accident.

The death of Amit Saini, who was reportedly a part of the UCADA team, has been widely reported. The 35-year-old man was on duty when he passed away.

He was visiting the helipad to inspect the arrangements for the heli-services to the Himalayan temple when he got hit by the helicopter’s tail rotor blades after coming in its range.

He sustained severe injuries to his neck, which resulted in instant death. Times of India reports the UCADA official was attempting to board the helicopter from the wrong side despite the pilot’s instructions.

An investigation was launched to understand the circumstances under which he lost his life.

Operator grounded after the fatal incident

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) launched a special audit of the helicopter operator days after the incident.

The deceased worked as the finance controller of UCADA and was present at the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) in Kedarnath on duty. One of the witnesses of the freak accident said: “When he was about to board the helicopter he was struck by the tail rotor blade and died on the spot.”

The operator was grounded during the investigation and all others were reportedly asked to ensure high-level safety guidelines during operations.

Video showing the aftermath is available

While the video of the actual accident isn’t to be found on the Internet, news networks on YouTube have shared footage showing the helicopter which was being inspected by Amit prior to his death. His body is seen lying next to it after the accident.

But, several reports are baiting readers into clicking them by running false headlines that claim the video showing the complete incident is available to watch.

Another possible reason behind people’s piqued interest in the old incident could be the video posted by TikToker Professor Koala, where he has the helicopter involved in the accident on display to explain the incident in detail.

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