Whatever Happened To Goldberg From Mighty Ducks?

Whatever Happened To Goldberg From Mighty Ducks? 2

Shaun Weiss ran into some legal trouble in his adult life. In July 2017, the actor was arrested for stealing $151 in merchandise from Fry’s Electronics. He entered a plea of no contest to a petty theft charge. Though sentenced to 150 days in jail, Weiss was only locked up for 12 days before being released from the Los Angeles County Jail because the jail was overcrowded.

Five days after his release the actor was arrested again. After reports that he was shambling around yards in an L.A. neighborhood, Weiss was arrested and booked with possession of a controlled substance. People reported that the substance was methamphetamine. The Burbank Police Department shared with E! News that the actor was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

A year later, in August 2018, Weiss was arrested for public intoxication in Oroville, California. TMZ reported that he was not charged or sentenced, he just «spent a few hours in the drunk tank,» according to information the site received from law enforcement. In January 2020, the actor was arrested again in Marysville, California. In this case, Weiss was charged with being under the influence of methamphetamine and residential burglary after the police responded to a call about a burglary in process in the early morning hours.

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