Whatever Happened To Neil Gaiman’s Rumored Sequel?

Whatever Happened To Neil Gaiman's Rumored Sequel? 2

If there’s anyone who could convince the team at Laika to produce a «Coraline» sequel, it would be Neil Gaiman. Having originated the concept with his acclaimed 2002 dark fantasy novel, the author could potentially make lightning strike twice by penning a follow-up. That is, however, if he has any ideas. 

For years, Gaiman has shut down rumors and demands from fans for a sequel, often stating that he doesn’t feel confident making a new installment unless he can top its predecessor. In a 2022 interview with ComicBook, the «Sandman» and «Stardust» author elaborated on his position. «What I’ve always said is that I wouldn’t do a ‘Coraline 2’ unless I could come up with a story that was as good as ‘Coraline 1.’ And so far I haven’t come up with [anything] … Actually, as good or better because you don’t want to do one of those sequels that sort of feels like a made-for-video sequel.» 

But even then, he doesn’t shut down the possibility of a follow-up coming to fruition, so long as it’s made with the same affection he put in his original book. «If you’re gonna do something, it needs to be a ‘Toy Story 2’ or ‘The Godfather Part 2’ level sequel where you’re actually upping your game,» the writer continued. «So I absolutely wouldn’t rule it out, but would absolutely want to go, ‘Okay, that is the thing that is just even cooler than Coraline.'»

Fans may be bummed that a «Coraline» sequel has yet to see the light of day, but it’s perhaps even better that its creators don’t want to tarnish the original’s rich legacy.

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