Who is Reggie Gray? Alabama’s ‘chair-wielding’ brawl fighter receives huge online support

Who is Reggie Gray? Alabama's 'chair-wielding' brawl fighter receives huge online support 2

Meet Reggie Gray, Alabama’s brawl fighter who has received huge online support after his‘chair-wielding’ warrior skills gained tons of attention.

Since the drama took place in Montgomery’sRiverfront Park, social media won’t stop speaking about the Alabama fight and one individual in particular is being called out for his wacky weapon defense skills while making use of a folding chair.

Alabama’s ‘chair-wielding’ warrior goes viral

Police in Montgomery, Alabama, detained several people after a brawl broke out on Saturday 5 August at the city’s popular Riverfront Park when a group of boaters appeared to attack a security guard, as per The New York Times reports.

Videos showing the incident have gone viral on social media as many people are seen throwing punches on the dock. However, one member is receiving particular attention following their unique fighting skills while wielding a folding chair as a weapon to defend themselves.

A Twitter user named @PapiHanzo shared various footage of the Montgomery Alabama brawl and stated:

“What a masterpiece. That chair made history LMAOOOO.”

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  • Another user named @tariqnasheed shared a screenshot of the man with the chair, referring to him as “The Chair Warrior” and pointed out:

    “You can tell The Chair Warrior at the Montgomery brawl has been waiting on the right moment to unleash his skills.”

    Who is Reggie Gray?

    When authorities addressed the brawl, Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert lists the names of the white suspects and charges in the riverboat fight, and asks that the Black male who was wielding the folding chair “contact the Montgomery Police Department for further interviews and as part of this investigation.”

    A Twitter user named @Phil_Lewis_ listed the main points stated by the Police chief and noted that Reggie Gray has been named as the man wielding the folding chair.

    A Facebook profile with the name Reggie Gray states that he lives in Montgomery, Alabama, and currently has a single relationship status.

    According to Darryl Albert, Reggie Gray had not been charged yet. However, MPD said that he has been called in for further questioning. This statement has led to an overpouring of support for the reportedly 42-year-old Black male on social media.

    Montgomery brawl fighter receives huge online support

    Among the masses of hilarious reactions to the chair-wielding weapon, a lot of people took a more serious note and offered Gray advice if he is to be questioned by authorities.

    Many people began to give Gray legal advice online, warning him to gather proper legal support. Some users also requested Gray to start an online fundraiser through platforms such as Go Fund Me where they could invite donations to support his legal fees.

    A viewer named @powers_of_psu joked that Reggie Gray has signed with WWE following his viral defense skills.

    Gray has also been referred to as a “hero of the masses” thanks to the use of his famous folding chair.

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