Wonder Woman 3 Reportedly Not In Development, Contrary To Gal Gadot’s Claims

Wonder Woman 3 Reportedly Not In Development, Contrary To Gal Gadot's Claims 2

«Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters» of the DCU has a little bit of something for everyone. Kryptonians, the Bat Family, the Authority, and more will factor into this opening slate of DC media’s new era. This first batch of projects will also encompass both film and television in live-action and animated forms, giving fans multiple ways to enjoy the latest DC endeavors. Among the live-action small-screen offerings is «Paradise Lost,» which will take fans to the mysterious island of Themyscira.

At the time of this writing, little else is known about the program. However, it’s reasonable to speculate that it will take some kind of inspiration from Phil Jimenez’s DC Comics two-part story of the same name. Then again, with it being a series about the early years of Themyscira, it stands to reason that it will chart a much different course and shift the focus away from Diana, putting emphasis on other Amazonian warriors instead. Perhaps it will closely parallel John Milton’s «Paradise Lost» poem, which sees Satan and his allies rebel against God and go on to corrupt the human world.

Time will tell what we can expect from «Paradise Lost,» but at the same time, don’t expect any positive updates on «Wonder Woman 3.»

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