You can literally buy ‘folding chair earrings’ as hilarious Montgomery brawl merch hits the internet


As folding chair memes are taking over the internet after the viral Montgomery riverfront brawl recently took place in Alabama, you can now even buy ‘folding chair earrings’ related to the incident and fans are going wild.

Funny memes have flooded social media since footage of the Alabama fight began to circulate online and the drama has been followed by lots of entertainment online, including hilarious Montgomery brawl merch.

Hilarious Montgomery brawl merch hits the internet

A brawl broke out on Saturday 5 August in Montgomery, Alabama at the city’s popular Riverfront Park when a group of boaters appeared to attack a security guard, as per The New York Times reports.

Videos showing the incident have gone viral on social media as many people are seen throwing punches on the dock. However, one fighter gained particular attention after they were spotted using a folding chair as a weapon.

The folding chair meme has now gone viral, referring to the white folding chair used as a weapon during the Alabama incident.

Hilarious Montgomery brawl memes merch has now hit the internet and you can literally buy ‘folding chair earrings’, which is jewelry in the shape of the now popular folding chair.

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  • A digital creator named @CyberJoules on social media, shared the news via Twitter that they had even gone to the lengths to create folding chair earrings using their 3D printing skills.

    Where to buy ‘folding chair earrings’

    Talented creator @CyberJoules also uploaded the merch onto their Instagram platform, stating in the caption that they now have an Etsy shop, although they have “only listed a stock QTY of 60 pairs”, this is so they have time to restock over the next few days.

    Folding chair earrings are available via the Etsy shop named CyberJoulesCreations, the link can also be found in the bio of the creator’s public Instagram page.

    The designer asked customers to “bare with” her because she had to order the packaging and ear hooks which should arrive soon “for shipping Friday.”

    Many people have now hopped on the folding chair merch trend and a TikTok user named @pierredontloveyou shared a video of similar style earrings stating that they are available on TikTok Shop.

    As the Montgomery brawl merch continues to crack everyone up, Twitter users share their hilarious reactions to the folding chair earrings on the timeline.

    A user named @Torre_NOLA stated that “the internet is undefeated” as they laughed at the newly popular jewelry item.

    Other people shared a similar reaction as they used multiple laughing face emojis to react to the merchandise related to the recent Alabama incident.

    It seems that the merchandise doesn’t stop at earrings and some people have even gone as far as to create hats and other wearable products, which some social media users suggest may be “a little extreme”.

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