Zendaya’s Stunning Dune 2 Premiere Look Is Drawing Star Wars Comparisons

Zendaya's Stunning Dune 2 Premiere Look Is Drawing Star Wars Comparisons 2

Yes, Zendaya’s «Dune 2» fit is definitely giving off «Star Wars» vibes, but she’s not explicitly taking cues from C-3PO. The «Dune 2» star’s outfit is more in line with German film director Fritz Lang’s «Metropolis,» which features a cyborg/machine-like character known as Maria (Brigitte Helm). Known as the Maschinenmensch in the 1927 sci-fi film, the character’s design has inspired several sci-fi projects, including «Star Wars.»

X user @sitcomznfilmz unpacked all the connections Zendaya’s outfit has to the world of sci-fi, showcasing just how deep the fashion rabbit hole goes. «Me when her outfit is mugler which is inspired by gold robot in metropolis silent German movie which also was inspiration for C3PO in star wars which is low-key based on dune,» they commented.

Okay, so we know what Zendaya’s look is inspired by, so what exactly is she wearing? The «Euphoria» star’s outfit comes from the mind of fashion designer Thierry Mugler’s 1995 couture collection, and was explicitly inspired by the visual design of «Metropolis.» According to W Magazine, the outfit took over six months to design and was made in collaboration with artist Jean-Jacques Urcun. But here’s the kicker: Zendaya was wearing the actual fit that debuted in 1995 — not a recreation. 

For fashion fans, Zendaya’s daring look is one for the history books, with @saintdoII writing, «zendaya in thee thierry mugler fall 1995 haute couture robot suit, this is literally a piece of fashion history and the fact that it’s not a remake but directly from manfred’s archives!! UGHH IM SO GAGGED.» 

«Dune 2» lands in cinemas on March 1, 2024. 

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