Bigfoot researcher Scott Carpenter’s sudden death leaves the community heartbroken

Bigfoot researcher and YouTuber Scott Carpenter has suddenly passed away and the bigfoot community is mourning his tragic death.

Scott was a well-known figure in the Bigfoot community. He also ran a YouTube channel sharing his theories about Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Scott had done a number of interviews talking about his research about the existence of Bigfoot. He also ran a number of blogs on the topic. Scott Carpenter’s sudden death left many heartbroken. Many who knew him also took to Facebook to mourn his death.

Friends announce Scott Carpenter’s death

The news of Scott’s death surfaced after a few of his friends announced the same on Facebook. User Bettina Moss who previously did an interview with Scott on March 24, 2023, was the first to announce that the Bigfoot researcher had passed away.

Following that Tony Merkel of Merkel Media said that he had received a call from Scott’s son Travis informing him that Scott had died from a brain aneurysm. Scott’s family is yet to release a statement about his death.

Scott was a well-known personality in the Bigfoot community. Facebook user Bettina said in her post that Scott was a bigfoot eyewitness. His extensive work on the topic made him a famous bigfoot theorist.

Bigfoot researcher Scott Carpenter’s sudden death leaves the community heartbroken 2

A look at his YouTube channel and other works

Scott had a whopping 62.2K subscribers on his YouTube channel. In his bio on the platform, he described himself as an “amateur Sasquatch researcher.” He further claimed “Based on my research I think the creature we call Sasquatch/Bigfoot is actually a Nephilim. A creature that was created when Fallen Angels procreated with human women.”

He went into more depth about his theory about Bigfoot in his book “The Nephilim Among Us Updated.” He also stated that he had encountered many “cryptid” creatures such as “Dogman, Gray Aliens, Cloaked Entities, Orbs, the Little People, and Sasquatch,” during his research.

He also ran blogs like The Bigfoot Field Journal, The Nephilim Among Us, Dogman: Monsters are Real, and more surrounding the topic.

Bigfoot community mourns Scott’s death

“Rest in peace brother. Now you know all the secrets of the universe,” one person said under a Facebook post announcing Scott’s death.

“WHAT!! Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear this!! I really enjoyed listening to him. I’m so sorry for your loss for I know y’all had become good friends and was planning on becoming better ones with each visit” a second shocked fan wrote.

“Amen. He was a very sweet man who lived his faith and while it is so very sad, there is comfort in knowing that he is with his Lord and Savior. He was a much-beloved member of the community and will be missed,” a third Bigfoot community member said.

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