Deadpool 3’s Super Bowl Trailer Teased A Huge Wolverine Story In The MCU


The most obvious easter egg in the «Deadpool and Wolverine» trailer is a subtle callback to the legendary «Secret Wars» comic, with a shot of Deadpool on his back being overshadowed by Logan as he bears his claws — which resembles Magneto’s helmet on the fifth cover from the miniseries. The TVA soldiers from «Loki» also make an appearance, and Aaron Stanford’s Pyro gets a brief close-up. You can even spy a giant, fallen 20th Century Fox logo in the background as Deadpool brandishes his guns, half-buried in the snow — a fourth wall break if ever there was one. And let’s not forget the possibility that Cassandra Nova might pop up in the film somehow — no actress has been attached to the character as of yet, but she appears to be Professor X’s twin in the commercial.

It’s a «Deadpool» movie, so in-jokes and references will fly fast and furious when «Deadpool and Wolverine» is finally released on July 26.


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