Emily Blunt Learned About Her Oppenheimer Oscar Nomination At A Crappy Moment


While the moment Emily Blunt learned about her Oscar nod may not have been the most glamorous, it was a cathartic moment for the actor. In her interview on «Happy Sad Confused,» the star explained that she had tried to avoid getting her hopes up about the epic biopic’s (and her own) awards potential. «It’s all quite scary, the anticipation of it, and I think you just try not to listen to buzz because buzz can be built on sand sometimes,» she said. «And so when it did happen, and when it happened in such a far-reaching way for all of us in the movie and every crew member, it was magical.»

Soon after the announcement of Blunt’s nomination and the numerous other nods for «Oppenheimer» (including best picture), the actor gave a reaction statement to People. «I’m completely overcome and overjoyed. Weak-legged and immensely grateful for this moment,» it reads. «It goes without saying that this staggering film has changed my life.» She extended heartfelt well-wishes to her co-stars and collaborators (lovingly referred to as «OppenHomies»), praising the work everyone did on the historical drama. «We are a family in this, so to raise a glass alongside my friends is a euphoric feeling indeed.»

As for whether Blunt will end up winning best supporting actress, all will be revealed during the 2024 Oscars ceremony on March 10.


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