Deadpool & Wolverine Have A Bigger Role In Avengers Than Fans Think

Deadpool & Wolverine Have A Bigger Role In Avengers Than Fans Think 2

In the «Deadpool & Wolverine» trailer, viewers are only given snippets of what the narrative has in store. Wade Wilson is brought in by the Time Variance Authority, seemingly to take part in an unspecified multiversal mission. Along the way, he fights off some bad guys and visits various locations, teaming up with Wolverine in the process. Otherwise, the teaser doesn’t go much further in regards to plot points, so fans are left to speculate on the finer details. In a similar vein, assuming they’ll appear in both films, fans can also ponder how they might fit into «Avengers: The Kang Dynasty» and «Avengers: Secret Wars.»

The obvious route to think about is that all kinds of Kang-induced Multiverse shenanigans result in Deadpool and Wolverine unexpectedly joining the fray in «The Kang Dynasty.» Perhaps they join the Avengers and other MCU heroes to defeat Kang and his forces, thus setting them up to play a role in «Secret Wars» afterward. Then again, perhaps «Deadpool & Wolverine» will have a more direct impact on the two «Avengers» installments. Maybe their timeline-hopping team-up movie will see them, intentionally or otherwise, mess with the Multiverse in some way, allowing Kang to once again become a major threat. Thus, they have to right their wrong in «The Kang Dynasty» and «Secret Wars.»

Hopefully, «Deadpool & Wolverine» will bring some answers and a bit of narrative direction when it arrives on July 26.

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