The First Madam Web Was In … A Twinkies Ad?

The First Madam Web Was In ... A Twinkies Ad? 2

Credit has to go where credit’s due for the creation of the Madame Web that’s remained an essential part of Spider-Man lore for decades. Cassandra Webb exists thanks to Dennis O’Neil and John Romita Jr., who introduced the clairvoyant spider lady in «The Amazing Spider-Man» #210. In her first comic book outing, Madame Web is an ally to Spider-Man, who helps him with a kidnapping case thanks to her ability to see things others cannot. It’s a decidedly cooler intro than Madam Web admitting that she webbed a bridge because she thought there were snack pastries in it for her. 

More than likely, having Madam Web before Madame Web is merely a coincidence, as there’s no indication the name was derived from the Twinkies ad villain in any way. It’s likely a case of parallel thinking, with various people realizing it’s a cool name. Still, with this knowledge, it’s a little disappointing that Madam Web couldn’t have factored in the «Madame Web» movie at all. With all of the various references to Pepsi, one would imagine there could’ve been a moment when Dakota Johnson or Sydney Sweeney ate a Twinkie or something. With all the dumb things in «Madame Web» already, it wouldn’t have been that strange. 

Of course, now there could be fan theories of how the Twinkie-obsessed Madam Web is a variant of Cassandra Webb or something. After all, the title of Madame Web can be passed down as Cassandra was killed in the comics, so Julia Carpenter took on the moniker. With the Marvel Multiverse now on the big screen, it’s high time Madam Web had a rebirth. 

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