Fear of ‘alien’ invasion in 2027 as John Ramirez claims ‘they’re showing up’

Former CIA officer John Ramirez’s warming about an impending event awaiting mankind in 2027 has fueled the fear of “aliens” invading the Earth.

Claims by the former intelligence specialist are an addition to the endless speculations and reports about the existence of extraterrestrials, otherwise known as aliens. The latest UFO Hearing with the United States Reps. pressurized the military and intelligence agencies to disclose evidence of alleged UFO sightings and “non-human” samples that remain unexplained. But, John claims “they are showing” up in less than a decade and humans wouldn’t be prepared for it.

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Fear of ‘aliens’ invading Earth in 2027

In an interview, former CIA John says people in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world are “being prepared to the reality that there is something.” before adding that “their presence is here.”

Seemingly referring to extraterrestrial lives, the UAP specialist continues: “We need to explain their presence because if they show up and we continue to do what we did before in previous decades, there will be mass panic.”

“But if you understand that these are real and we have 5 years from 2022, well maybe now 4 years. And, if they come in 2027, the U.S. government has to prepare the people about what is up there,” he continues.

He further claims that the word has got out within the government that “they are showing up in 2027”. He says “We got to be prepared and if not there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do.”

John Ramirez claims a clock was set up in 2017

John went on to claim that a clock of ten years was set up in 2017 as the speculated 2027 event was already known to some.

Suggesting that Lou Elizondo is also aware of the supposed occurrence a few years from now, John claims the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, said: “Just find a hobby for 5 years and it’ll all be out.”

The former CIA said he’s heard 2027 in an “official capacity” and he can’t reveal but he thinks people in the government are aware that something’s happening and there’s limited time to “prepare” the people for it.

In another interview with Into the Wyrde with Holly Wood on YouTube, John claimed that he has come face to face with a “reptilian alien” and that he was confident they “walk among us.”

While there’s no evidence to prove the CIA officer’s claims real, only recently people were panicking over another incident allegedly involving a “shapeshifting reptilian”, which many assumed was a random guy in a green hoodie on American Airlines.

Internet users think extraterrestrials are coming for us

John’s unverified claims have led some people to fear the thought of alien invasion, while others are finding it hard to believe.

“Only thing that concerns me is the narrative they will push regarding aliens. They’ve already programmed us to fear them thru Movies and TV,” wrote one.

Another asked: “So extraterrestrials operate on the same calendar as us? They said ‘We Pullin up in 2027 get ready?’ Interesting.”

“I always knew they be coming for us. Why isn’t the government preparing for it? We need answers,” commented another.

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