Is Oxycontin still on the market and is Purdue Pharma still in business?


The US Supreme Court’s latest decision related to Purdue Pharma has left many internet users questioning if Oxycontin, an addictive painkiller the company profited out of, is still on the market.

The pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma responsible for making drug OxyContin is making headlines once again. This time the US Supreme Court has decided to temporarily block the company’s nationwide settlement to shield its owners from several civil lawsuits. It comes after the American pharma company pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges twice in 2007 and 2020. The charges included deceptive downplaying of their drug OxyContin’s addiction danger. The recent developments are making many wonder if Oxycontin is still on the market or prescribed.

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Is OxyContin still on the market? Is it still prescribed?

A letter to its patients from Purdue Pharma available on’s website mentions the sale and distribution of “generic OxyContin formulations” has been discontinued by various producers. Hence on paper, the generic versions of OxyContin are not available on the market.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s decision to ban the generic version of the original OxyContin formula came in 2013. “The FDA has determined that the benefits of original OxyContin no longer outweigh its risks,” the agency said at the time. Hence the original version of the drug should no longer be available in the market as it was withdrawn due to safety reasons.

In 2018, amid lawsuits and controversies, Purdue Pharma announced they will no longer market the product to doctors. Hence the generic version of OxyContin is no longer prescribed either.

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Is Purdue Pharma still in business?

No, Purdue Pharma is no longer operating as a business. The company dissolved in September 2021.

The company had filed for bankruptcy in 2019 amid thousands of lawsuit for marketing drugs like OxyContin responsible for fuelling the opioid epidemic. Most recently the US Supreme court also blocked the Purdue owners – Sackler family’s nationwide settlement.

CBS News notes, the deal would have allowed the company to make a comeback from bankruptcy. The Sackler family would need to contribute $6 billion for the same.

OxyContin was first approved in 1995

The addictive pain killer OxyContin was first approved in 1995. Soon it became popular among drug users.

Purdue Pharma reformulated the pill in a bid to prevent users from crushing it and taking it outside of prescription purposes. Following the rise to OxyContin the drug epidemic grew in America, alongside other substances. CNN previously reported, (per CDC) in 2009 alone, about a half a million people checked into the emergency room for abusing drugs like Vicodin (hydrocodone), OxyContin (oxycodone), methadone and more.

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