Jill Martin’s husband has been by her side for ‘shattering’ cancer battle

Jill Martin shares a cancer update after a courageous battle gushing about how her husband and family have stayed with her during this shattering time.

The American journalist, fashion expert, and author Jill Martin shared her cancer update first on July 17 informing the viewers that she will be going through surgery for her stage two breast cancer. Two weeks later, the Emmy Award winner has come back with a life update detailing her journey and what would happen in the future.

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Jill Martin’s husband has been by her side for ‘shattering’ cancer battle

Jill Martin has opened up about her cancer journey and her family’s immense contribution in battling the disease mentioning her husband Erik Brooks’ emotional support. The 47-year-old TV personality shared, “Despite regular mammograms and sonograms, it wasn’t until genetic testing that I learned I have a gene mutation. A gene mutation that is the cause of my breast cancer.”

“The surgery was three weeks ago. Honestly, physically, I am doing OK. (Emotionally is a different story; it’s been a roller coaster.) My double mastectomy was successful. A week after my surgery, my 45-minute meeting with my oncologist, Dr. Joseph Sparano at Mount Sinai in New York City, started with the news that there is a good chance I am cancer-free, but I need further treatment to help ensure that,” she added.

She further revealed that her husband has been supportive of this entire journey describing how Erik Brooks noted down all important details about her surgery and recovery. She recalled: “There is always a small possibility that cancerous cells could have escaped, so the rest of the meeting was dedicated to planning out my long road ahead, and what the doctor suggests I do to prevent this insidious disease from coming back. Honestly, it was a good thing my husband was with me and wrote everything down because, as you can imagine, it is a lot to take in.”

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What’s next for Jill Martin?

While Martin’s doctor has assured her that they have removed it (the tumor), she still has to go through a number of procedures to ensure the cancer does not come back.

Martin revealed: “I do already know for sure I will need to have another surgery, preventatively, to remove my ovaries and fallopian tubes to decrease my risk of ovarian cancer. In my case, I will need a full hysterectomy, as I have had fibroid issues in the past. I will also need to take anti-hormonal drugs for 5 years. And I will most likely need chemotherapy because of the aggressiveness of the tumor.”

A look at Jill Martin’s marriage with longtime love Erik Brooks

Jill Martin’s dreamy wedding took place in the historic NYC Public Library on September 10, 2021, with longtime love Erik Brooks, the co-CEO of Ethos Capitals.

Martin started dating Brooks in 2017 and got engaged two years later. But the couple broke off their engagement in 2020 citing challenges in long distance. Brooks and Martin overcame the challenges soon and surprised fans by announcing re-engagement in 2021.

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After a tumultuous love story, Martin was emotional during her marriage expressing gratitude to all. “I’m so grateful. We have both of our parents and everyone’s healthy and everyone’s just so excited, and we’re just so in love and happy to be back together,” she had said right before marriage.

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