Kong Rides Godzilla In A New Clip And Twitter Isn’t Holding Back

Kong Rides Godzilla In A New Clip And Twitter Isn't Holding Back 2

Since the clip of Kong hopping on Godzilla’s back reached the Internet, fans have filled social media feeds everywhere with excitement and good humored jokes.

X user @dh33ra7 said of the clip, «This is peak cinema !!!!!!» Meanwhile, @uglynewyork tweeted, «This movie about to be silly as hell and I’m gonna LOVE it.» For those who think the moment is a little too absurd, @Joshua_Wareham asserted that the film’s goofiness is right in line with Godzilla’s cinematic history, writing, «If you think this is ridiculous, let’s remember, Megalon got drop kicked by Godzilla back in ’73… sliding on his f****** tail! TWICE!!»

«I hope moments like this will be enough to final unite the two fandoms and end the decades of badblood,» added @timAcatsoftpaws, hopeful that Godzilla and Kong’s partnership will usher in a new era for the characters’ long-warring fanbases. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case so far. User @daire_nugent joked that Kong’s impromptu piggyback ride is downright disrespectful to Godzilla in a battle scenario, with @TheBigBeano pointing out Kong’s laziness for hopping on Godzilla’s back rather than running just a bit further.

«Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire» arrives on March 29, 2024. For more information, check out what we know so far about the cast and plot of «The New Empire.»

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