Megamind 2 Has IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes Users United In The Worst Way Possible

Megamind 2 Has IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes Users United In The Worst Way Possible 2

«Megamind 2» is set days after the original but doesn’t feature the same creative juice as evidenced by the reviews circulating the web. Despite the first being a box office success, DreamWorks sent this sequel straight to Peacock. That’s probably because this isn’t really a true sequel. The maligned picture debuted alongside the animated series «Megamind Rules!» The sequel serves as a reintroduction to the world of Megamind to boost up the serialized offering, meaning this isn’t really what lovers of the first film wanted. Seems like fans are better off catching one of DreamWork’s better movies. 

Over on film review social networking site Letterboxd, fans of the original «Megamind» have been tearing the sequel apart. Viewers awarded it an abysmal 2.2 stars out of 5 on Letterboxd, confirming that the picture has both fans and critics united in their hatred. «This movie is a big f*** you to the fans of the first ‘Megamind,'» wrote user Aiden Green in a one-and-a-half-star review. «‘Megamind’ is one of my favourite Dreamworks movies and this is the sequel that we get after years of asking for a sequel?» Fan reviews have particularly pointed out the film’s poor animation, lack of narrative cohesiveness, and dubious reason for existing. 

The backlash «Megamind 2» has received is both hilarious and sad. Fans are obviously disappointed with the direction the film has gone in, with popular YouTuber penguinz0 labeling it the «worst movie of the year.» While «Megamind 2» is a dud, fans can look forward to DreamWork’s «Kung Fu Panda 4,» which is releasing later this year. 

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