Logan Paul flaunts black eye and stunning WWE gear after victory against Ricochet

Logan Paul flaunts black eye and stunning WWE gear after victory against Ricochet 2

Logan Paul won his highly anticipated WWE Summerslam match against Ricochet, but the YouTuber suffered a black eye in the process.

In April 2023, news broke that Logan Paul had signed a multi-year deal with the WWE. The YouTube star actually made his WWE debut in 2022’s WrestleMania in a tag-team match alongside The Miz. Now, his recent victorious bout against Ricochet is set to elevate him to star status in the company. After winning his match in Detroit, the 28-year-old flew to support his brother Jake Paul who was fighting against Nate Diaz in Dallas. However, many fans couldn’t stop talking about Logan Paul’s black eye after his WWE victory.

Logan Paul left with a black eye after WWE bout against Ricochet

Several pictures and videos on Twitter show Logan sporting a black eye after his Summerslam victory against Ricochet.

Videos of him at Jake’s Dallas fight venue also see the YouTube star still wearing WWE gear after taking a private jet from Detroit to Dallas. Logan looks handsome in his tight black and yellow WWE outfit as he is seen standing behind his brother during Jake’s victory speech. The YouTuber also shows off his toned and athletic body.

In the videos, one can see black marks under Logan’s left eye. There’s also slight bruising on the right side of his face. The fact that Logan came out of his Summerslam match with a black eye surprised some fans, while others praised his performance after seeing it.

“Why does Logan Paul have a black eye? lol,” one person asked.

A second person said, “Logan Paul has a shiner #SummerSlam. He will have a black eye tomorrow. They were stiff in this match. I love it. Good opener,” a second fan commented.

YouTube star beat Ricochet in WWE Summerslam

Logan’s much-talked-about WWE win came after he beat Ricochet with some help from his brass knuckles. Right from the get-go, the duo made it clear that they wanted to have “the most viral” WWE match ever.

Their stellar bout featured many breathtaking moments. One of them was when Ricochet hit a Spanish Fly that led to both him and Logan jumping off the ropes.

Richochet, who also performed impressively in the match, hit Logan with an Avalanche neck breaker. Logan countered the move with a ‘Shooting Star Press’ attempt.

Logan then got hold of a brass knuckle and hit Ricochet with it, helping him win the bout.

Is Logan Paul from Puerto Rico?

At the start of Logan’s WWE match, the commentators announced he hails from Dorado, Puerto Rico. This left many watchers confused as to whether Logan is originally Puerto Rican.

The answer is – No, Logan originally hails from Westlake Ohio.

However, the YouTuber who was residing in California for many years, moved to Dorado, Puerto Rico last year.

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