Oliver Anthony’s ‘powerful’ Rich Men North of Richmond song goes viral on TikTok


Up and coming musician Oliver Anthony has become an overnight sensation after the success of his Rich Men North of Richmond track that voices the grievances of America’s working class.

Oliver Anthony has now become famous on TikTok after the famous Radio WV YouTube channel posted his song Rich Men North of Richmond on their page. Within just two days, the video amassed a million views. Its massive success prompted the channel to post another one of Oliver’s songs named Virginia on their channel on Thursday, August 10.

Meet breakout musician Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony has become a breakout star in the music world after his track Rich Men North of Richmond melted the hearts of many listeners. The musician has amassed a whopping 44.5K on his Instagram and over 22K subscribers on his personal YouTube channel.

In his latest YouTube video, Oliver gives a brief about his background. In the video entitled ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’ he reveals that he started writing music in 2021 when he was going through personal struggles. The musician began recording videos on his cell phone and posting on YouTube. Soon his videos started getting traction.

Hence the musician who was among the working class before began making music full time. He reveals that he used to work in a factory before his went into music full time. Oliver says that he wants to be a “voice” for the working class people who are working long hours but still struggling to get by.

Musician’s ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ track goes viral

Ever since Oliver’s Rich Men North of Richmond track hit Radio WV’s YouTube channel its spreading all over internet.

TikTok is flooding with snippets that users have shared from Oliver’s new song. The song’s lyrics and message has struck a chord with a lot of people. Oliver starts off the song by singing about the plight of the working class.

“I’ve been selling my soul/ Working all day/ Overtime hours/ For bullsh*t, pay/ So I can sit out here, and waste my life away/ Drag back home, and drown my troubles away” the lyrics go.

He also calls out politicians who are only working for their self interest. “I wish politicians would look out for miners/ and not just minors on an island somewhere.” The musician also does not shy away from making strong political statements about welfare and more.

In his latest Youtube video, the singer dives deeper into what his song is all about. “It touches upon my time in Western North Carolina working in a factory.”

“It touches base on human trafficking and the atrocities,” he said.

Fans react to Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men North of Richmond

“Dudes blowing up! It’s amazing what we’re all capable of together. Wait til we start making real changes together,” one commented on TikTok under a video another user posted of Oliver.

“This song is heard and felt at the same time America hell yea” a second person said.

“Real country singers with some real soul behind it good stuff,” a third TikToker commented.

Many fans shared what they felt about Oliver’s very powerful track under Radio MV’s YouTube video.

“God bless you Oliver. There’s plenty of us Americans that agree with every single word you say. Love it brother,” one fan wrote.

“This one cut me deep. Or maybe I was already hurt. Beautiful and powerful song, Oliver,” a second fan said.

“Brother , I hope you realize that you just punched the entire world right between the eyes with this phenomenal music, I salute you,” a third one said.

“This song hit me in my gut. I unexpectedly had feelings come bubbling up, it’s powerful stuff. Big things are in store for Oliver’s future. I wish this talented man much success. I hope he stays in control of his work,” another fan wrote.

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