Olivia O. Unveils Music Video For «Wax 2»

Ahead of her newly announced upcoming LP Everyone is a Light, set to release on September 8th, Olivia O. has unveiled a music video for lead single “Wax 2.” Olivia O.—aka Olivia Osby—is one-half of the band Lowertown, where she combines forces with close friend Avshalom Weinberg to create a euphoric blend of slacker rock, soft folk and electronica. Osby’s solo project overlaps in a similar, deliriously pleasant gloom.

“Wax 2” is a return to Osby’s early soundone that fills the listener with a charming heaviness and nostalgically gleams over its dominant lyrics. She has clearly mastered the formula to a track that makes your chest hurt, again. The single was self-recorded in her New York apartment and centers around “unexpectedly falling in love with someone amidst recovery from a toxic past relationship and being closed off from the idea of loving someone again.”

The visual component hones in on this idea and does so intimately. Osby sings directly into the camera in regular DIY fashion, resembling your average bedroom-pop, self-recorded music video while still arriving distinctive and singular. It embodies an isolated feeling of simultaneous loneliness and longing. Youthful and outcast, the video conjures memories of singing into a computer’s photo-booth application without intention, and feeling too frozen to do anything with it. 

“Letting a new love soften your cold, protective exterior and break down the walls you’ve constructed after a bad relationship can be a scary yet amazing experience becoming vulnerable to someone again can open the old, unhealed wounds from the past. Just as wax is stiff and solid when cold, but when warmth is applied or it’s held in one’s hand, it becomes malleable and even melt down into liquid in a form as free as water,” Osby shares. 

Watch the music video for “Wax 2” below. 


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