‘Parents want me to trick my fiance’ Reddit post will make you question humanity


More complex than the relationships shown in Hallmark and Lifetime movies are those you find on Reddit, and one story about a woman who claims ‘my parents want me to trick my fiance’ is just baffling.

Only yesterday, we saw people’s fury over a woman’s fiance who let his mother wear the wedding dress that was bought by his future wife. When the Reddit user asked ‘AITA for making my FMIL pay‘, fellow users suggested she should get rid of her future husband instead.

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Reddit user’s ‘parents want me to trick my fiance’ story

An unidentified social media user took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong for refusing to act upon her parents’ suggestion and people are simply dumbfounded to know that she was even put in a such situation in the first place.

The woman’s parents apparently always treated her twin sister as the golden child and the Reddit user was forced to take care of her since they were five years old, just so she would eventually grow into the responsibilities of her sibling and would be “good practice” for when the parents die. The woman says her childhood was stolen.

Despite her unexciting and painful reality because of demanding parents, three jobs, and not being allowed to leave home, she met a man to whom she got engaged.

She brought her fiance home to meet her family and everybody got along, including her twin sister. He was glad the woman’s family accepted him and she was looking forward to a life of her own away from her family with her future husband, until her parents called her home one day.

Reddit user ‘forced’ to switch identity with her twin

The devious parents called their daughters over for brunch and the overall experience that unfolded later made it the “worst day” of the Reddit user’s life.

She thought they hadn’t invited her fiance because he was working and visited them under the impression that they wanted to discuss wedding plans. But, she was wrong. Her parents presented her with an unusual request.

“My parents wanted my sister and I to switch identities so that she can marry him,” the woman shared. Her parents told her the twin sister would never find a husband, so if they got her married off to him, they’ll be stuck together forever. They also told her she could find someone else.

Obviously, the Reddit user put her foot down and refused, for which she was called “selfish and cruel” and even got kicked out of the house.

She revealed that people are blowing up her phone and yelling at her for not trading her life with her twin’s. But, the woman has decided to not call her parents to her wedding and go ahead with it anyway.

Fellow users think a tattoo is a must

By the tone of the story, the situation appears to involve identical twins, which explains the ease with which the parents thought their daughters could switch their identities.

So, fellow users think the engaged woman should get a secret tattoo and let her fiance know about her parents’ intentions to make sure they don’t jeopardize her wedding and life.

One suggested: “2 small tattoos on 2 different places that aren’t visible most of the time. ASAP!”

“I agree with other commenters, get a tattoo on you where only your fiance/ hubby knows about & let him know what is going on ASAP,” said another.

Calling out the toxic parents, one wrote: “The entitlement to ask such a thing and people still wonder why some kids cut contact with the parents.”

“The absolute audacity. If I were you, I’d warn the fiancé. Idk how much y’all look alike but I would keep him on high alert. Maybe get a secret tattoo,” read another comment.

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