Up-and-coming LA rapper Lil Sodi dies days after releasing album

Up-and-coming LA rapper Lil Sodi dies days after releasing album 2

Los Angeles-based rapper Madsodi Simpson, better known as Lil Sodi, has died and tributes to him are flooding social media.

His death was confirmed by internet star Adam22 and a number of the rapper’s friends and family are expressing their condolences on Facebook.

LA rapper Lil Sodi dies

Rumors are flooding the internet that the California musician passed away in a car crash, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

Adam22, who hosts the No Jumper podcast, shared a photo of himself with the rapper on Twitter and wrote: “RIP Lil Sodi.”

Sodi’s niece also confirmed his tragic death on Facebook, writing: “The worst news I ever got today is losing my Uncle Lil Sodi.”

“I love you with all my heart and never forget about you until we meet again,” she continued. “And please tell Uncle Tiny JLoc and Tiny Solo that I said hi.”

“Tonight was not a good night! I received a call that the homie Lil Sodi passed away,” one of his friends Suave Churchill also said.

Another person called Ronnell Sanford wrote: “TIP Cuzzo. Lil Sodi from the Far West EDG. Love you man. Give your brother and your son a hug for me.”

It comes just weeks after rapper Mdot EBK passed away. The musician from New York was up-and-coming in the drill world.

Meet Lil Sodi

Lil Sodi was a member of the gang Eight Tray Gangster Crips, also known as 83Gangsta, located on the west side of South Los Angeles.

He gained popularity after signing with the record label 100 Entertainment but then became CEO of his own Orangutan Music Group.

The rapper went by the name @orangutan_sodi on Instagram where he has 17,000 followers and recently announced a new album.

Sodi released his seven-track work Too Good For Hell, Too Bad For Heaven on August 3 and recently performed with rapper Fatboy.

Fans pay tribute to rapper

Instagram and Twitter are being flooded with tributes to the up-and-coming rapper.

One person wrote: “Unbelievable just when you get things figured out. Just knowing there is a heaven for the Tru RIP Sodi.”

“Damn just watched u hanging out to them saying you gone. Unbelievable. T.I.P. to a real one. Always showed me love. Rest easy,” said another.

A third person added: “Rest up homie, was always nothing but positivity when chopped it up.”

“Such a cool brotha. This really makes me sad. I pray god welcomes you into his heavenly kingdom. Condolences and prayers going out to his family,” someone else wrote.

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