Pregnant lady’s ‘I refuse to submit to my boyfriend’ Reddit post has users urging her to run


Reddit users think the pregnant woman who said ‘I refuse to submit to my boyfriend’ is better off alone after spotting major red flags in her long-term romantic relationship.

Yesterday, we told you about another married couple, whose relationship appeared to face a hiccup when the husband chose to spend his first wedding anniversary with his lady friend instead of his wife, and users were convicted that man is manipulating his spouse. There are plenty of similar stories on Reddit that almost always baffle the readers, just like the one shared by a pregnant lady we are looking into today.

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Pregnant woman says ‘I refuse to submit to my boyfriend’

This story is about a 26-year-old pregnant woman and her 28-year-old boyfriend, who she claims is too lazy to contribute to the chores equally or even do the bare minimum.

The lady says she and her boyfriend have been dating for seven years and they recently got into an argument over splitting the chores. She works in an ER with her shifts extending to 12-16 hours, while her partner works in a warehouse with a 40-hour week.

The story narrates the incidents that unfolded on one particular day that was stressful for the pregnant girlfriend. She came home to see trash on the floor, unused milk, and dirty dishes in the sink, while her boyfriend was fast asleep like a baby in their bedroom.

The woman refrained from making a scene, so she simply hit the shower and went to sleep in the guest bedroom as she only wanted to relax after a full shift on a Friday.

Earlier in the post the girlfriend said she does most of the chores at home and the boyfriend is only expected to take out the trash or not leave toothpaste in the sink. However, it seemed like the menial tasks caused a lot of inconvenience to her boyfriend, who also had guests over on Friday before his working and pregnant girlfriend got home.

Boyfriend expects girlfriend to be like his mother

The boyfriend woke up from his deep sleep to find his girlfriend resting in the guestroom and he wasn’t happy about it. He woke her up, yelling and calling her lazy for coming home and sleeping without completing the chores.

However, the pregnant woman yelled back at him saying: “If you wanted the house to be clean, you should’ve gotten your lazy a** up and cleaned up your own mess, yourself. I am not your maid, nor am I your mother.”

And much to her surprise, her boyfriend yelled back at her saying it was her “duty” as a woman to keep the house clean and he “wishes” she was like his mother because she would do all the tasks at home.

The pregnant lady called her boyfriend out for not providing like his own father, so she could quit her job and completely focus on home chores. When she said he couldn’t expect her to behave like a wife despite doing so much for them and not being married, her boyfriend responded: “See, this is why I haven’t asked you to marry me.”

The words that spewed out of her boyfriend’s mouth shocked the woman and she decided to walk out of the relationship saying they should go separate ways if he doesn’t intend to marry her. She blocked him and deactivated the tracking system on her car and phone. But, after she left, her boyfriend’s mother contacted her to offer unsolicited advice, adding more to the pregnant woman’s furor.

The boyfriend’s mother said the pregnant lady was “stepping out of line as a woman” and she should have cleaned the house on her son’s demand. She also said, “It is God’s word that I as a woman, should submit to her man.”

This prompted the girlfriend to second-guess her decision to terminate her pregnancy and end the relationship over a fight about splitting chores.

Users tell her to run

Reddit users are trying to convince the woman to not rethink her decision and run away from the boyfriend to evade the toxic situation once and for all.

One suggested: “Run! This guy and his mum are trying to manipulate you into thinking his misogynism and weaponized incompetence is normal. It isn’t. If his mum is fine being a maid and not allowed to have an opinion, so be it. But that doesn’t have to be your life.”

“That call should have hardened her resolve. The BF is not changing if this is how he’s been raised. If she doesn’t want to be a lifelong servant (and provider) to a manchild she needs to get out now,” said another.

A third user said while adding to the above comments: “Dump him. He is never going to change. You don’t say how far along you are with this pregnancy but you need to do some serious thinking about your future. He will never marry you unless you give up every bit of independence you have.”

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