‘Spot on’ reenactment of Alabama boat brawl is ‘too funny’

'Spot on' reenactment of Alabama boat brawl is 'too funny' 2

A hilarious reenactment of the riverfront brawl that broke out in Alabama last week has taken over social media and had everyone in stitches.

Three men have been charged after a mass fight erupted in Montgomery following a disagreement over where their small boat was docked.

Funny reenactment of Alabama boat brawl

In the video which is filmed next to a swimming pool, a man can be seen running up to his black friend and throwing a punch at him.

This reenacts original videos from the brawl which show a white man physically attacking a black man on the wooden dock.

The pair continue fighting next to the pool in the reenactment before others begin piling in and throwing punches too.

More people keep joining the brawl and the man falls to the ground as another swims through the water to join the fight.

The funniest part of the reenacted video comes when a guy appears holding a white folding chair which he uses to attack.

People think it’s ‘too funny’

The video has gone viral on both TikTok and Twitter and everyone is in hysterics.

One person wrote: “Nah this is too funny.”

“This reenactment of the viral Alabama riverboat brawl is spot on,” said another.

A third person added: “Funny as hell.”

“The Alabama fight reenactment video is killing me,” someone else wrote.

Another said: “This is fine theatre right here.”

Three men charged in Alabama brawl

Three men have been charged in the brawl: Richard Roberts, 48, Allen Todd, 23 and Zachary Shipman, 25.

Roberts was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, while Todd and Shipman were both charged with one count of third-degree assault.

The three white males from Alabama own a small private boat, Forbes reports, and got into a disagreement over where it was docked.

One of the three men is currently detained and the other two are expected to turn themselves in, police said on Tuesday (August 8).

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