The Asher House rescues dogs from ‘rare pneumonia’ outbreak that left pets fighting for their lives


Oregon dog sanctuary The Asher House has rescued several of its pooches from the deadly and ‘rare pneumonia’ outbreak that left several pets fighting for their life.

Dog lovers and pet owners became worried after learning about the Oregon ‘rare pneumonia’ outbreak among dogs. The news about the outbreak spread when The Asher House owner, Lee Asher informed his followers that his sanctuary had been hit with a “very rare type of pneumonia”. He even lost his three-legged dog, Roo, to the deadly disease. However, a new update reveals The Asher House sanctuary was able to rescue several of its other dogs who were initially fighting for their lives.

The Asher House rescues dogs fighting for their lives

The Asher House owner Lee took to his Instagram on Sunday, August 6 to reveal a few positive updates. The owner had made several YouTube videos detailing the pneumonia outbreak at his sanctuary. In a few of his videos, he revealed multiple dogs from his sanctuary were on life support or in ICU fighting for their life due to a rare pneumonia outbreak. He even urged his followers to donate so he could get oxygen chambers for his struggling pets.

However, in his recent Instagram post, Lee had a few merry updates for his followers. He revealed that he was able to cover all of his vet expenses due to the donations he received. Moreover, his team was able to buy four oxygen chambers that they desperately needed for pets who were struggling to breathe. He also showed the quarantine facility he got for his infected pets. Hence The Asher House was able to rescue several of its dogs impacted by the outbreak.

Lee also revealed that his pet Lillie who was in the ICU was back home. He revealed that all of his pets are back home.

Deadly ‘rare pneumonia’ outbreak among Oregon dogs explained

Lee talked about the ‘rare pneumonia’ outbreak among Oregon dogs in his earlier videos on Instagram and YouTube. He said in one of the vets was flooded with cases of breathing issues among dogs. He further noted that the outbreak hadn’t just occurred at his sanctuary but among many doggos of the locality. Many dogs struggled to breathe as a result of it.

Lee said that many dogs did not show early signs of the disease. In fact, some showed symptoms when it was already too late. In normal cases, the infection arises from either kennel cough or other underlying health issues. However, the dogs affected by the new unidentified pneumonia could not be detected easily.

In many cases, the owners rushed them to the ER when things went out of hand.

More about The Asher House

For the unversed, The Asher House is a registered non-profit sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. Not only are they popular in the area but they also have a massive fan following on social media.

The sanctuary’s owner Lee Asher has a whopping 1.3 million Instagram followers. Their YouTube subscriber base is 511K strong, at the time of writing.

The Asher House rescues animals that have been discarded by their owners. The sanctuary then provides them with a loving and comfortable life. They house nearly all breeds of doggos from Pit Bulls to Chihuahuas.

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