The Biggest Scandals On Sci-Fi Movie Sets Explained


Christian Bale has amassed an impressive body of work, where the bad films are few and far between — and even then, they’re almost always at least interesting in some way. One of the few exceptions is «Terminator Salvation,» not only a disappointing entry in its franchise and Bale’s career but the worst kind of disappointment in that it’s completely generic and forgettable. And if there is one thing that Bale quickly established as a kind of project he typically avoided, it’s one that is generic and forgettable.

The making of «Terminator Salvation» was fraught with problems, and to hear Bale tell it, he only accepted the role to spite the studio that wouldn’t take no for an answer and the people saying he shouldn’t do it. With all that in mind, it’s not hard to see how he would’ve lost his cool at a crew member checking lights in the background of a live shot and distracted him during his performance. But, as evidenced by released audio of the incident, Bale takes it too far, screaming and cursing at the man for several uncomfortable minutes — even as the guy is profusely apologizing and other people can be heard trying to calm Bale down. It’s probably something that happens a fair amount on movie sets, but this made headlines because it leaked for the public to hear.


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