What is the German word for bra? Silly joke will make you giggle

There’s nothing better than a good old dad joke to make you laugh on a dreary day – and we’ve got the perfect one. What is the German word for bra? Read on for the brilliant punchline.

Dad jokes are short, simple and predictable gags that usually have a question-and-answer format and a pun answer. One that cracked up social media this week is ‘what do you call a pretty pig?’.

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Joke – What is the German word for bra?

So, what is the German word for bra?

The answer is…

Get it? It sounds like ‘stop them from flopping’. So funny!

Wait, is that actually true?

What makes the joke so hilariously brilliant is that it’s actually really believable – or the person you’re asking is just really gullible!

The German word for bra isn’t actually stoppemfrumfloppen, but the word sounds a bit German, so people always think it’s true.

If you’re wondering, the real word for bra in German is büstenhalter, which is often shortened to BH. You learn something new every day!

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Dad joke cracks up Twitter

The dad joke has been taking over Twitter for years and still never fails to amuse people.

One person wrote: “Lmao this is great.”

“This cracks me up,” said another.

A third person added: “Terrible but great.”

“Comedy gold,” someone else said.

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