What Sebulba Looks Like In Real Life

What Sebulba Looks Like In Real Life 2

Lewis MacLeod looks much friendlier than the menacing Sebulba. Even his ordinary voice may not seem like it could produce the Dug’s gravelly tone. But that’s the skill inherent in being a voice actor. MacLeod spoke with Gravy for the Brain in 2017 about what it was like to join the Star Wars franchise so early in his career. «I was in my mid-20s … it was still one of those dream jobs … to get Star Wars. You know, you pay them to get a part in that film.»

The actor also demonstrated how tough it was to do Sebulba’s voice, as the alien’s speaking manner is a far cry from the Scottish brogue Macleod has in his day-to-day life. He showcased the two types of voices needed for «The Phantom Menace,» the first being how the character talks normally: «You can’t speak for very long because it hurts your throat.» The second was needed during the podracing scenes where Sebulba has to shout over all the noise. MacLeod spoke with director George Lucas about doing something other than simply yelling. They ended up with a higher-pitched voice. 

Sebulba may have lost the Boonta Eve Classic, but he won fans’ hearts. He’ll forever be a great minor antagonist in the Star Wars universe, and it’s in large part thanks to MacLeod.

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