Where is Rosaria Lopez’s Rapist Today? Update

Netflix’s crime film ‘The Catholic School’ follows Angelo Izzo and Giovanni “Gianni” Guido, who study together at St. Luigi High School, one of the distinguished educational institutions in Rome, Italy. Gianni teams up with Angelo to befriend Donatella Colasanti and Rosaria Lopez through one of their friends. In reality, as the film depicts, Gianni and Angelo then led the two girls to the villa of one of their friends Andrea Ghira to commit crimes that shook the country like no other. Since the film only follows Gianni’s life until his arrest, the viewers may want to know what happened to him after that, along with his current whereabouts. If you are interested in the same, you are at the right place!

Who is Giovanni “Gianni” Guido?

Gianni Guido was born on January 10, 1956, in Rome to Raffaele Guido and Maria Pia Ciampa. He grew up with his parents in the Trieste district of Rome. On September 29, 1975, Gianni and Angelo led Donatella and Rosaria to a villa belonging to Andrea’s family in the town of San Felice Circeo. They drove to the place in Gianni’s father’s Fiat 127. As per reports, it was Gianni who took out a gun to scare Donatella and Rosaria. He and his friend told the two girls that they are a part of the Marsigliesi gang and they are waiting for their leader Jacques Berenguer. Andrea joined Gianni and Angelo and introduced him as Jacques to the girls.

Where is Rosaria Lopez's Rapist Today? Update 2
Angelo Izzo, Gianni Guido, and Andrea Ghira//Image Credit: Lettera43

Gianni, Angelo, and Andrea raped and tortured Rosaria and Donatella for 35 hours. They also locked them up naked in a bathroom without providing any food or water. Ultimately, Gianni joined his two friends to kill Rosaria by beating and drowning her in a bathtub. They also tried to kill Donatella by strangling her but she didn’t die and pretended to be dead. Gianni, Angelo, and Andrea covered Rosaria and Donatella in plastic and put them in the trunk of Gianni’s father’s car. The murderers then drove to Rome. When they were away, Donatella made sounds from the trunk of the car and attracted the attention of a night watchman. She was then rescued.

Gianni tried to escape from the carabinieri officials who were inspecting the trunk of his car. However, he was soon arrested. In July 1976, Gianni was sentenced to life imprisonment, the same sentence given to Andrea in absentia and Angelo.

Where is Giovanni “Gianni” Guido Today?

As per reports, in January 1977, Gianni joined his friend Angelo to take a prison guard hostage and try to escape from the Latina prison, only to fail. In October 1980, Gianni’s sentence was reduced to thirty years in prison from life imprisonment after the declaration of repentance and compensation of one hundred million lire to the family of Rosaria Lopez. Even the reduced sentence didn’t keep Gianni in his prison cell. He escaped from the San Gimignano penitentiary to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was identified and arrested after two years. In 1985, he escaped from the Manuel Rocco hospital in Buenos Aires, where he was getting treated for hepatitis.

In June 1994, Gianni was captured in Panama, where he had established a new life as a car dealer. He eventually got extradited to Italy. Gianni then spent 14 years in the Rebibbia prison and he was entrusted to social services in April 2008. At the age of 53, in August 2009, Gianni became a free man after spending about twenty years in prison. Letizia Lopez, Rosaria’s sister, described Gianni’s release as “a wound that has reopened once again.” She added that the country failed to deliver justice to her dead sister.

After his release, Gianni started to collaborate with his father Raffaele Guido in the management of the family assets. As per sources, he also started to work as a translator of religious works after graduating in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature while he was in prison. When Angelo Izzo revealed that Gianni identified Rossella Corazzin, a 17-year-old Friulian girl who disappeared in 1975, apparently kidnapped and killed for a black mass, Gianni responded that he has “nothing to do with it” in 2018. Since Gianni has chosen to keep his personal life private, his current relationship status is unknown.

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