Who is Arianna Davis? Former Lizzo back-up dancer and hip-hop teacher

Arianna Davis, a dancer and social media personality, is most known for her role on the reality television show Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, and as being one of Lizzo’s back-up dancers.

However, there is a lot about Arianna that you might not know, so let’s take a look at her dance career so far, her passion for music, and her experience of becoming one of Lizzo’s “Big Grrrls” last year.

Who is Arianna Davis?

Arianna Davis, who is also known as Ari, is a dancer from Indianapolis.

She has studied dance since she was just 2-years-old including ballet, tap, jazz, and other styles such as musical theatre, hip hop, and lyrical.

Her other creative endeavours include producing fitness cardio workout videos with Popsugar.

She is well-known on TikTok and has 93.8 thousand followers under the handle @aridavis5678.

Arianna also works as a dance teacher at Soho Dance LA (Sherman Oaks), where she teaches hip-hop and jazz classes for all levels.

Arianna Davis danced for Lizzo

Arianna was a contestant on the Emmy Award-winning reality show Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, which saw Lizzo select her newest dancers.

Arianna was selected and she joined Lizzo on tour in September 2022.

Speaking about what it is like to be on tour, Arianna told the Indy Star back in October 2022: “The energy is amazing. I’m on tour with my best friends. So it’s just like, being around family 24/7, which makes the experience just heightened even more.”

On May 5th 2023, Arianna announced on Instagram that she was moving on to a “new chapter” and shared pictures from her time on tour.

She loves to sing

Last year, Arianna released a song called Dancing With You which is available to stream on Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes. The music video was released a year ago on YouTube.

Recently, she shared several clips of herself playing the guitar and singing, and she told her followers: “Half of these are songs I wrote, and half of them are covers. Hope you enjoy a little montage of my singing journey lol.”

She continued on to say that music has always been her “true love”.

“I can’t wait to share some more with you in the future,” Arianna added.

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