Georgia Gets By Announces Fish Bird Baby Boy EP

Georgia Nott, better known as one half of the brother-sister duo BROODS, has announced her first EP under the solo moniker Georgia Gets By. Fish Bird Baby Boy, out October 6 via Luminelle, is a vulnerable inward turn for Nott, whose work with BROODS saw her reach worldwide fame. “I’m always making music to combat, you know, life,” Nott notes. “As I was writing these songs, I was opening old wounds.”

“Happiness Is An 8 Ball,” the second single released from the EP, is a broody, searching anthem on a fractured relationship. The tune is synthy and distorted, fuzzy guitars underlining Nott’s crystallic croon. Watch the video for “Happiness Is An 8 Ball” below and check out our feature with Nott last month here.

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