N3on getting ‘jumped’ in viral clip has unexpected reply from Andrew Tate


Andrew Tate who butted heads with Kick streamer N3on a few weeks ago is now sharing his hot take on the Twitter video of N3on getting “jumped.”

Anyone who is well-versed in the world of live-streaming and content creation must have heard of N3on. He is an up-and-coming Kick streamer. He is also best friends with Adin Ross, another popular streamer on the platform. Over the past few months, N3on’s fame has skyrocketed thanks to his bold and unfiltered personality. Most recently he insulted Andrew Tate on Adin’s stream and didn’t hold anything back – even trolling Tate for being on house arrest. However, after a viral video of N3on getting jumped has surfaced, Andrew has taken his chance to respond to the Kick star.

N3on gets ‘jumped’ and ‘humiliated’ in viral video

A video on Twitter went viral after showing N3on allegedly being humiliated and trolled by a group of people. The video shows the famed Kick streamer sitting on the ground under a tree in a disheveled condition. His shirt is torn up in the middle. Those who have ‘jumped’ him also reportedly took his shoes, leaving him barefoot in the mud.

“Know not to come around here talking like that,” one of the guys says while the other is pulling on N3on’s shirt. They also take his glasses off. N3on has an agitated expression on his face throughout the ordeal. At one point the person recording the video also says that they’ve taken the steamer’s phone and are recording the video on his cell phone itself.

One among the group goes as far as making N3on call himself slurs and derogative terms.

Andrew Tate trolls N3on’s ‘jumped’ video

Besides N3on’s viewers and live-streaming fans, conservative commentator Andrew Tate also commented on N3on getting ‘jumped.’ The embattled internet star who is on house arrest and is awaiting trial for human trafficking and other charges, which he denies, took many jabs on N3on in his video.

Andrew’s response comes after N3on heavily insulted him on Adin’s live stream in July 2023. Sharing his take, Andrew talks about how when someone insults other people on the internet, there is a chance of it escalating or becoming “violent” in the real world.

Andrew notes how N3on was “running his mouth” during Adin’s stream but is getting “bullied” in the real world now. After taking a few jabs at N3on, Andrew extends him an “olive branch.” He urges the Kick streamer to fly to Romania where he is currently under house arrest so he can train him. He promises to help N3on feel better about the current situation if he wants to fly to Andrew and “If you wanna learn to train, you want me to tell you how to deal with this.”

“Cause I know you’re probably very afraid right now,” the 36-year-old says. In his previous appearance on Adin’s stream, N3on warned Andrew to “watch your f*****g mouth,” and not boss Adin around.

Kick Streamer has half a million followers

N3on has more than 43K followers on Kick at the moment. The content creator also runs a YouTube channel with close to 500K subscribers. He is on the path of building a massive social media empire. His TikTok following comes in at 161.3K.

N3on has turned his Instagram to private after the videos of him getting allegedly “jumped” went viral on Twitter. N3on himself has not responded to the clip, nor has there been any indication any investigation has been officially launched.

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