What is the White Folding Chair Meme? Montgomery riverfront brawl explained


White folding chair memes are taking over Twitter after the viral Montgomery Riverfront Brawl in Alabama last weekend, but what exactly does it mean?

Floods of memes have spawned online after a shocking brawl on a dock in Montgomery, Alabama went viral on August 6, 2023.

The Twitterverse is in stitches after users put a creative spin on the scuffle between a Black dock employee and a group of White boaters, but how did a white folding chair steal the spotlight? Here’s everything you need to know about the online reaction and what happened at the altercation.

left - white man and a black worker standing next to each other during a brawl, right - Rows of white folding chairs on grass
left – Credit Tea Nelson @tea_nelson_maylouorganics Instagram
right – Credit Richard Ross, Getty Images

What is the white folding chair meme?

The meme refers to the white folding chair used as a weapon during the Alabama fight. One of the most jaw-dropping moments sees an African-American man slam a white folding chair onto a Caucasian man, before targeting a White female who was sitting on the deck.

Footage shows witnesses gasping in surprise at the impact before one man says: “He going to jail” as the attacker is retrained by authorities.

Watch the exact moment here. Warning: violent content and language may be distressing.

The folding chair is seemingly the only object used as a weapon in the altercation; other online recordings show it was limited to a fistfight.

While millions have been disgusted by the violence, others have approached it lightheartedly as they joke about the white folding chair being the star of the show.

One Twitter user edited a magazine cover to make the chair Time’s Person Of The Year:

Folding chairs as merch – note: Not real Montgomery chair.

Fans are calling for the chair to become an artifact:

The chair was a paid actor, says this Twitter fan:

This parody has garnered over 10 million views:

Montgomery Riverfront Brawl background explained

On August 5, 2023, the Montgomery police department responded to a disturbance at the 200 block of Coosa Street in Alabama at about 7pm.

According to The Washington Post, authorities found “a large group of subjects engaged in a physical altercation”. The exact cause of the fight has yet to be confirmed but online footage suggests that an argument broke out between a Black dock employee and a White boater after the former allegedly told the boaters to move their pontoon as it blocked the Harriett II riverboat.

After several verbal exchanges, a second White man joins the altercation and charges at the worker, attacking him in the face. The employee took off his hat and retaliated before four more shirtless Caucasian boaters ran in join the fight.

Separate video clips show an escalated fight between the boaters and other African-Americans, suspected to be members of the public.

Several people were detained and four active warrants have been issued, but no arrests have been made as of Monday evening, WSFA 12 reported.

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